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The Frankish ruler who was successful
a) Charlemagne
b) Adorain
c) Joan d'Arc

Wars fought over religion
a) Skirmishes
b) One Hundred Year War
c) Crusades

What is the holy book of Muslims called?
a) Bible
b) Koran
c) Torah

Muslims try make a pilgrimage to ________________________________ one time in their life.
a) Mecca
b) Medina
c) Iowa

Which of the following is a Christian belief?
a) Torah is the holy book
b) Pray 5 times a day to Allah
c) Jesus is savior and will be reborn

Christianity encouraged charity. What group do you think wanted Christianity because of this?
a) merchants
b) the poor
c) the wealthy

What was the caste system?
a) Europeans traded more with the Middle East & Asia.
b) A food system in Medieval Europe
c) social structure of India with strict classes

The Mongol empire under Genghis Khan is best described as
a) weak and beaten down
b) strong and powerful
c) foreign and domineering

Which of the followings best defines feudalism?
a) A political system in Medieval Europe
b) An economic system in Medieval Europe
c) An American disease in France in the 1400s

Who was Genghis Khan?
a) Sudanese leader and queen
b) Chinese leader and king
c) Mongol warrior and leader

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