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Where do Muslims worship?
a) church
b) mosque
c) synagogue

What were the three major goods Africa traded at this time?
a) Slaves, salt, gold
b) Spices, salt, and tea
c) Gold, ivory, and fish

One of the things Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have in common is that
a) They all believe Jesus is the son of God
b) They are all monotheistic
c) They all started in Jordan River Valley

What is a dynasty?
a) when one family rules for a long time
b) When a king dominates a country
c) when the people elect presidents

The Muslim god is called ______________________________________.
a) Jezus
b) Allah
c) Yahweh

Did the population increase or decrease when people began farming?
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stable

Why do people settle & live near water?
a) irrigation, transportation, and farming
b) Assists with forming pottery and jewelry
c) Because it is a better situation for life in general

Record-keeping and religious beliefs are both examples of
a) people's language abilities
b) characteristics of civilization
c) faith in different societies

Which religion started first?
a) Hinduism
b) Christianity
c) Judaism

Who is the leader of the Catholic church?
a) priest
b) sultan
c) pope

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