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What is the first step of a scientific investigation?
a) asking a question
b) conducting an experiment
c) drawing a conclusion
d) making a prediction

An experiment that compares the results from a control group with the results of one or more experimental groups?
a) controlled experiment
b) observation
c) hypothesis
d) analysis

One form in which scientists arrange data to analyze results
a) graph
b) speech
c) hypothesis
d) analysis

Pieces of information gained through experimentation are called
a) data
b) scientific methods
c) observation
d) predictions

Apple juice is an example of
a) homogeneous mixture
b) compound
c) heterogeneous mixture
d) colloid

A physical property that is a measure of the amount of matter in an object
a) mass
b) volume
c) density
d) weight

The ability of two substances to react and form a new substance such as carbon dioxide
a) chemical property
b) physical property
c) pure substance
d) suspension

The production of heat when two substances are mixed might indicate
a) a chemical change is occurring
b) a physical change is occurring
c) photosynthesis is occurring
d) matter is being destroyed

An example of a physical change is
a) water freezing into ice
b) an organism aging
c) vinegar and baking soda mixing to form carbon dioxide
d) making metal

Which statement is correct
a) most chemical changes are not reversible
b) neither physical or chemical changes are reversible
c) physical changes are not reversible
d) all chemical changes are reversible

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