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The night sky looked as black as coal.
a) The sky looked smoky.
b) The sky was very black.
c) The sky was charcoal.
d) The sky was pink.

In the winter I can get as warm as toast under my blanket.
a) It was cold under the blanket
b) I eat breakfast in bed.
c) It is nice and warm under the blanket.
d) I eat diner under a blanket.

Jeremy's odd behavior made him appear as crazy as a loon.
a) Jeremy is calm.
b) Jeremy was acting strangely.
c) Jeremy imitates birds.
d) Jeremy is a genius.

On his first day at the job he was as helpless as a newborn.
a) Everybody spoiled him.
b) He didn't know how to do anything.
c) He cried a lot.
d) He was spanked.

Her feelings are as fragile as a teacup.
a) She's very sensitive.
b) She ignores mean people.
c) She likes to drink tea.
d) She owes a teacup.

Our coach called the plays as loudly as a lion.
a) Our coach couldn't be understood.
b) Our coach was about to bite someone!
c) Our coach as long hair.
d) Our coach roared the plays very loudly.

The dark clouds were like smoke billowing from a factory chimney.
a) The dark clouds disappeared.
b) The dark clouds meant rain was coming.
c) The dark clouds looked like smoke.
d) The dark clouds disappeared.

Eating the raw meat made Timothy as sick as a dog.
a) Timothy felt very ill.
b) Timothy felt well.
c) Timothy wanted to go shopping.
d) Timothy felt strong.

The Indian chief was as wise as an owl.
a) The chief knew a lot of things about owls.
b) The chief thought he could fly.
c) The chief knew a lot of things.
d) The chief could talk to the owls.

The troublesome boy is as jinxed as a jaywalker.
a) Someone put a curse on him.
b) No one loves him.
c) He breaks a lot of rules.
d) Trouble always follows him.

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