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Who was the most famous leader from the Ottoman Empire?
a) Muhammand the Prophet
b) -
c) Alexander the Great
d) Suleiman the Magnificent

What was the Silk Road?
a) an imaginary wall blocking off Asia
c) trading road connecting Europe, Asia, & Africa
d) road lined with silk fabric

What were some of the Chinese goods traded on the Silk Road?
a) Porcelain & Teas
c) Ice water & minerals
d) Silverware & Turtles

In exchange for living on the Lords lands, serfs had to _________ for the Lord about three days a week.
a) pray
b) worship
c) work

What did the Chinese invent that allowed the spread of books?
a) gaining wealth
c) notebooks
d) printing press

Which Asian country had the most advanced ships or “junks” during the Post-Classical Era?
a) Philippines
b) China
c) Japan

Which of the following best describes foot-binding?
a) Foot-binding is the type of home Mongols had
c) Wrapping up a foot to change its structure
d) Covering up a hand in a large cast

What were 3 reasons Christianity spread through Europe?
a) Personal relationship with god, attractive to all classes, & used Latin
c) Used Greek, paid worshippers in cash, & educated all women
d) Spreading Islam, education, and domination

Which of the following best defines The Great Schism?
a) The Alps mountains being broken by an earthquake
b) The split of the Roman Catholic Church
c) The immigration of Byzantines to Orthodox Europe

What 2 religions were fighting each other in the Crusades?
a) Judaism & Islam
b) Christianity & Islam
c) Hinduism & Sikhism

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