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Horizontal rows of the periodic table are called
a) groups
b) families
c) clusters
d) periods

A chemical symbol represents the what of an element
a) name
b) structure
c) reaction
d) type

particles of matter that make up protons and neutrons are
a) electrons
b) isotopes
c) atoms
d) quarks

dot diagrams are used to represent
a) the structure of the nucleus
b) atomic number
c) isotopes
d) outer electrons

Is another name for a homogeneous mixture
a) liquid
b) solution
c) substance
d) suspension

The shape of an apple is a
a) chemical change
b) chemical property
c) physical change
d) physical property

What is the melting point of ice in degrees Celsius
a) 0
b) 32
c) 100
d) 212

Oil and water separate into two separate layers, why is oil always above water
a) oil dissolves in water
b) water floats on oil
c) oil is less dense than water
d) water is less dense than oil

Three examples of a physical change
a) boiling water, bursting a balloon, and crumpling of a piece of paper
b) burning of gasoline, rotting of an egg and exploding fireworks
c) freezing of water, evaporation of gasoline and rusting of a nail
d) sawing of wood, crushing a can, and toasting of a marshmallow

2 liquids have the same volume but different masses what property differs between the 2
a) Density
b) volume
c) alkalinity
d) conductivity

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