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What was the Neolithic Revolution?
a) When fires burned down civilizations
c) The Indus River Valley
d) When people first began farming

The Islamic Empire traded with Asia using the...
a) Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
c) European Road for Trading
d) Silk Road & Indian Ocean Trade Network

Which is a manor?
a) a fancy lord’s home & land
c) a state in Asia
d) a system of politics in France

Who was Joan of Arc?
a) a French knight who invaded England in battle
c) a Spanish conquistador who invaded the Americas
d) a French girl who rallied French troops to battle

What was Black Death?
a) A large graveyard in Scotland, Europe
c) An American disease in France in the 1400s
d) A huge disease in Europe in the 1300s

Which of the following was one of the results of the Crusades?
a) There were no results of the Crusades.
c) Europeans traded more with the Middle East & Asia.
d) Europeans discriminated against all Christians.

Why did the Frankish rule end after Charlemagne’s death?
a) They coudln\'t find another good leader
c) The Islamic Empire invaded all of Europe
d) The Franks were unable to produce another good leader

What were some of the effects of Black Death in Europe?
a) no effects
c) many deaths, economic problems, end of feudalism
d) healthy people, better medicines, and good economy

Who was in charge during Medieval Ages in Europe?
a) the Catholic church
c) the kings and queens
d) the Orthodox church

3. Which statement best describes the impact of the Spanish settlement on Native Americans?
a) European nations lost power and wealth in the Americas and Asia.
c) Many Native Latin Americans migrated to Europe for better economic opportunities.
d) European diseases spread and caused many Native Latin American deaths.

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