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What is the largest division of time on the geologic time scale
a) eon
b) epoch
c) era
d) period

What formed in the atmosphere that allowed life to evolve on land
a) the ionosphere
b) nitrogen gas
c) clouds
d) the ozone layer

What feature formed in Michigan after the end of the latest ice age 10000 yearrs ago
a) the city of detroit
b) frost middle school
c) the great lakes
d) the mississippi river

All time before the cambrian explosion of life is called
a) pre historic time
b) pre cambrian time
c) pre adolescent time
d) pre apocolyptic time

What caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs
a) a large meteor struck the earth
b) snowball earth
c) the ice ages
d) the break up of pangaea

What do scientists use to divide the geologic time scale into different divisions
a) events in human history
b) earths rotation around the sun
c) sets of 1 billion years
d) major events or changes on the earth

When looking at the layers of sedimentary rock what can you conclude about their ages
a) their absolute ages
b) estimated ages
c) Their relative ages to each other
d) nothing

Which is the smallest unit of geologic time
a) era
b) epoch
c) period
d) eon

Studying fossils has helped scientists learn that
a) Earth is more than 4 billion years old and is constantly changing
b) life has not changed much during earths history
c) Earth is 4 million years old and is constantly changing
d) Earth is only a few thousand years old

Human history makes up
a) about one third of earths history
b) approximately haly of earths history
c) a large amount of earths history
d) a very tiny fraction of earths history

Who is considered the father of modern geology
a) James hutton
b) Lord Kelvin
c) Alfred Wegener
d) Bill nye

Who died in Greenland trying to find evidence for his theory of continental drift
a) Lord Kelvin
b) Alfred Wegener
c) James Hutton
d) Albert Einstein

Who used mathematical formulas to calculate the age of the Earth as 20 million years old
a) Alfred Wegener
b) Lord Hobbes
c) Lord Calvin
d) Lord Kelvin

What is the name of the supercontinent that triggered Earths first cataclysm called snowball earth
a) Rodinia
b) Mordor
c) Pangaea
d) Spongaea

200 million years from now a new supercontinent may form. What is it called
a) Pangaea Minima
b) Pangaea
c) Pangaea Ultima
d) Rodinia

A crater was discovered as evidence for the meteor that struck the Earth killing the dinosaurs. Where is this crater
a) off the coast of Mexico
b) in Michigan
c) off the coast of California
d) in Australia

When did the last ice age end
a) 10000 years ago
b) 1000 years ago
c) 1 million years ago
d) 10 million years ago

Africa and Europe are colliding creating which mountains
a) The Appalachians
b) The Alps
c) The Himalayas
d) The Rockies

What geologic period had huge swamps and produced the fossil fuels we burn today
a) Carboniferous
b) Permian
c) Devonian
d) Silurian

How long do we have before the earth will cool off and plate tectonics will stop causing earth to die
a) 2 billion years
b) 2 million years
c) 200000 years
d) 2 years

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