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The ___________________ extends from the outer edge of the continental shelf down to the ocean floor.
a) Continental slope
b) abyssal plain
c) Seamount
d) Trench

In the ocean, ______________ make food by undergoing photosynthesis.
a) producers
b) consumers
c) decomposers
d) prosumers

Diatoms are a tiny, abundant form of ________________ found in the ocean.
a) plankton
b) nekton
c) benthos
d) zooplankton

________________ are the flat seafloor areas in the deep ocean formed by deposits of sediment that fill up valleys.
a) abyssal plain
b) continental shelf
c) continental slope
d) trench

______________ include crabs, snails, clams, sea urchins, and bottom dwelling fish.
a) benthos
b) nekton
c) plankton
d) zooplankton

Bacteria that perform chemosynthesis using sulfur compounds live...
a) along mid ocean ridges
b) in trenches
c) along shorelines
d) in coral reefs

_________________ are formed on the seafloor when one crustal plate is forced under another plate.
a) trenches
b) continental shelves
c) abyssal plains
d) mid ocean ridges

Tide pools are most characteristic of...
a) rocky shores
b) beaches
c) estuaries
d) coral reefs

Petroleum, natural gas, sand, metals, and diamonds are mined from deposits found in...
a) continental shelves
b) continental slopes
c) deep water deposits
d) ocean trenches

Marine animals that actively swim in the ocean currents are called...
a) nekton
b) benthos
c) plankton
d) zooplankton

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