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__________ is the transfer of energy
a) work
b) power
c) kinetic energy
d) potential energy

_________ is the rate of energy transferred
a) work
b) power
c) kinetic enery
d) potential energy

What 2 things are measured in Joules?
a) work and power
b) work and energy
c) energy and power
d) none of the choices

One biker (A) going 5 m/s and another biker (B) going 4 m/s reach the top of a hill. Which of the following statements is true?
a) biker A does more work than biker B
b) biker B does more work than biker A
c) both bikers do the same amount of work
d) both bikers have the same amount of power

Kinetic energy increases when_______ and ________ increase
a) mass; volume
b) mass; velocity
c) weight; volume
d) weight; velocity

What is the equation for calculating kinetic energy
a) 1/2 x mass x volume^2
b) 1/2 x mass x velocity^2
c) 1/2 x velocity x mass^2
d) 1/2 x volume x mass^2

Gravitational potential energy depends on _________ while elastic potential energy depends on _________
a) height; stretching
b) height; compressing
c) weight; compressing
d) all of the choices

What is the gravitational potential energy of someone who weighs 80 N and is 5 m above ground
a) 400 Joules
b) 40 Joules
c) 16 Joules
d) 160 Joules

__________ increases elastic potential energy while __________ decreases it
a) stretching; compressing
b) compressing; stretching
c) weighing more; weighing less
d) weighing less; weighing more

What is the kinetic energy of an object with a mass of 6 kg and a velocity of 3 m/s?
a) 18 Joules
b) 9 Joules
c) 27 Joules
d) 54 Joules

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