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I ________ how she manages everything so well.
a) announce
b) admire
c) admit
d) about

Did you read the _________ this morning?
a) newspaper
b) never
c) collection
d) enemy

Empty is to full as normal is to ______________.
a) usual
b) useful
c) unusual
d) useable

Do you know who invented the traffic ____________?
a) signal
b) scientist
c) settle
d) word

I couldn't _________ the words in my speech.
a) clean
b) laugh
c) grow
d) remember

Happy is to glad as angry is to __________.
a) better
b) furious
c) laugh
d) worst

Which word means something or someone special?
a) collection
b) kind
c) precious
d) player

Which word means to begin?
a) start
b) stop
c) hurt
d) warm

What do you call a person who helps others without accepting payment for their services?
a) player
b) popular
c) wrong
d) volunteer

What would you do if you were planning a special birthday party?
a) Laugh at myself
b) Be annoyed
c) Announce the event
d) Draw a picture

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