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They aren't always around much __________ their mom travels a lot.
a) both
b) because
c) best
d) below

Let's walk ________ the mud puddle.
a) copy
b) found
c) think
d) around

Do you ______ how to count to one hundred?
a) no
b) north
c) don't
d) know

Once ______ a time, there lived a giant.
a) under
b) upon
c) giant
d) sleep

________ may I have some?
a) Play
b) Pretty
c) Please
d) Pull

Which is the correct contraction for does not?
a) doesn't
b) don't
c) aren't
d) does'nt

What two words make up the contraction won't?
a) won not
b) do not
c) will not
d) were not

Top is to bottom as north is to _________.
a) west
b) south
c) below
d) east

I don't ________________ how to do this.
a) under
b) understand
c) measure
d) sing

It is important to ___________ how much salt to add to your food.
a) measure
b) make
c) around
d) scissors

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