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_______ upon a time, there lived a queen.
a) One
b) Once
c) On
d) Our

Are you in the ___________ grade?
a) first
b) fit
c) find
d) make

How many months are in a year?
a) ten
b) eleven
c) twelve
d) thirteen

If yesterday was Friday, what is today?
a) Sunday
b) Wednesday
c) Friday
d) Saturday

________ is my hat?
a) Under
b) Where
c) What
d) When

"I do not like that," _____ the little red hen.
a) said
b) saw
c) every
d) stop

_______ the door.
a) Over
b) Look
c) Open
d) Help

Where have you _______?
a) play
b) baby
c) from
d) been

Yes, I would like ________.
a) down
b) should
c) some
d) good

My twin looks _______ like me!
a) just
b) jump
c) into
d) saw

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