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The apple is artificial because it is made out of wood. Artificial means
a) unnatural
b) taste
c) look
d) weak

My friend loves eating raisins. Raisins are
a) wrinkled grapes
b) beans
c) a type of candy
d) dried grapes

I like to study in a quiet area. Area means
a) a place with a table
b) a large yard
c) particular space
d) useful land

Cam Jansen needed proof that the boy stole the baseball. Proof means
a) an opinion
b) evidence
c) help
d) a detective

We want to raise a garden of carrots. Raise means
a) take
b) grow
c) watch
d) dig

There are preservatives in the jelly so it will not spoil. Preservatives means
a) an ingredient
b) something to mix the food together
c) an additive to keep food fresh
d) something that makes the food taste better

There are many grapevines in my yard. Grapevines are
a) a tree for raisins
b) a tree for grapes
c) a bush for raisins
d) a climbing plant that grapes grow on

He won't play baseball. Won't means
a) will not
b) want
c) could not
d) has not

They weren't at the park. Weren't means
a) was not
b) park
c) were not
d) will not

I can't go to your house today. Can't means
a) could not
b) should not
c) will not
d) cannot

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