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What is an economic depression?
a) A time of strong economy
b) A time of huge economic troubles
c) America's downtown jobs
d) When everyone is sad for no reason

Stock Market Crash, Overproduction, and underconsumption are all ...
a) Parts of Roosevelt's New Deal
b) Black Nationalism
c) Causes of the Great Depression
d) reason Hoover was elected

Which of the following were effects of the great depression?
a) Banks closed and there were plenty of jobs
b) immigrants were welcomes and jobs were given to women
c) people lost thier jobs and poverty became common
d) their were plenty of jobs and immigrants were welcome

Which President created reforms called the New Deal?
a) Roosevelt
b) Clinton
c) Hoover
d) Lincoln

Which best describes the Dust Bowl?
a) A large Bowl of dust from children's playgrounds
b) An era when tornadoes ripped trees up from farmlands
c) When people used dust to make food
d) A time when windstorms spread dust and sand across the Midwest

Why did so many African Americans move during the great migration?
a) They were paid to move
b) They wanted to escape slavery
c) They did not move
d) They were looking for jobs and less racism

Black Nationalism was...
a) a movement for all homes to display a black flag for WWI veterans
b) a movement that beleived African Americans should be proud of their culture
c) a countrywide ban on the sale of black dyes in all American stores
d) a movement that was against African Americans getting equality

Who was president when the depression began?
a) Roosevelt
b) Hoover
c) Lincoln
d) Taft

What is the Stock Market?
a) When wealthy people help the poor
b) Conserving the natural resources
c) where they trade "shares" of a company
d) rejecting traditions

Who was president during the New Deal?
a) Roosevelt
b) Hoover
c) Lincoln
d) Taft

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