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a) I thought I lost one of my gloves, but found it in my pocket.
b) I computer screen was too far away to see the words
c) I was sicker than a dog when I ate all the candy
d) I controlled the amount of water that my son put in his bath

a) I love to eat coconut shrimp
b) Meijer stores stay open all night long
c) My Christmas tree lights won't work
d) It rains often in Seattle, Washington

a) The letter reached the North Pole just in time.
b) The dog toy was soaking wet after the dog chewed on it
c) I had a big stash of pens and pencils in my desk
d) Target had a big sale on Barbie dolls.

a) I had to jump on the waffle maker before someone else took it at the store.
b) I pulled the blinds up just far enough that I could see the cat.
c) The tiger stalked the antelope, waiting for it to look the other way.
d) The internet connection was interrupted and I lost the paper I had typed.

a) The science test was long but easy.
b) The man peddled his fresh eggs at the farmer's market
c) The thoughts were unclear in my mind.
d) The Loch Ness rested at the bottom of the big lake.

a) The forest was very quiet except the wind blowing in the trees.
b) The Yeti lives in a very snowy place.
c) The boys played with their Nintendo 64 all night.
d) The Pacific island was far away and uninhabited.

Noun==Person, Place orThing
a) Saliva
b) After
c) Frequent
d) Quickly

a) Absurd
b) Bulge
c) Pounced
d) Under

a) Barked loudly
b) Hairy Yeti
c) Walked in
d) Danced around

a) 10 Panthers
b) Wrinkled hands
c) Under the table
d) Ran quickly

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