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What did Henry Ford use to make his Model T?
a) The assembly line
b) handmade craftsmenship
c) assimilation
d) prohibition

During the 1920s, Congress passed immigration laws to -
a) increase all immigration
b) limit the immigration from Southern and Easter Europe
c) end all immigration
d) Bring in more immigrants from China

What movement was an intellectual and artistic movement in the African American community?
a) Dollar Diplomacy
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Revival of the Ku Klux Klan
d) Assimilation

What did Marcus Garvey want African Americans to do?
a) Assimilate to American Culture
b) Move North
c) Abandon their heritage and move to South America
d) Be proud of their roots and move back to Africa

What was a major problem of Prohibition?
a) Bootlegging Alcohol
b) Gambling
c) Women having the right to vote
d) Too many people were drunk all of the time

During the 1920s the prohibition of alcohol in the United States caused -
a) ratification of the women's suffrage amendment
b) end of Progressive reform
c) growth of organized crime
d) The beginning of WWI

What even focused on Biblical literalism vs. Science and Darwinism?
a) The Scopes Trial
b) The Harding Raids
c) The Espionage Act
d) WWI

Who was Amelia Earhart
a) First Woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
b) President of the Women's right League
c) Owner of Standard Oil
d) First Black women in the Senate

What is a Flapper?
a) A man who owns a large company
b) a women that reject traditional roles and wears short skirts and hair
c) A man who flys an airplane
d) A women that teaches students dance

What did the assembly line do?
a) made production slower
b) made production faster
c) made people lose their jobs
d) made cars very expensive

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