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a) The candy canes were hung on the Christmas tree with care.
b) The volcano spilled out lava.
c) Mrs. Martin rowed down the stream.
d) I sold all my Christmas cookies at lunch time.

a) The sponge soaked up all the water
b) That was a crazy homework assignment.
c) Mrs. Martin teaches the 7th hour class.
d) Mr. Fine finished all his Christmas shopping last weekend.

a) My water bottle has a hole in it.
b) There was a bump on my arm where I got hit by the baseball.
c) The candy corn was really tasty
d) My coat was too big for me.

a) The speakers were too loud for us to talk.
b) I turned the light on in the room
c) I added more flowers to the flower arrangement.
d) The mean boy pulled the arm off my doll.

a) Little by little I became a better basketball player.
b) All at once the storm hit with a big force
c) I won the lottery and became an instant millionaire.
d) I collected a lot of papers from the class.

a) Mrs. Martin has a chip on her shoulder.
b) I feel so blue today
c) I was green with envy.
d) The baker really was a sweet guy with all that sugar on his hands.

a) The sediment built up until there was a big sand bar
b) The roller coaster changed from potential to kinetic energy
c) The students wore down my patience
d) The tree grew moss on the north side away from the sun

a) All the people crammed into the little office to hear the news.
b) The firemen used the water to put out the fire
c) All the students had to leave because someone made a bomb threat.
d) The kids all lined up in the hallway for the tornado drill

a) The pebble made small waves in the water
b) The light bulb shattered when it hit the ground.
c) He poked a hole in the tin can
d) She cut it out with small scissors

a) I got a small piece of wood stuck in your finger
b) The legs on the chair were a silver color
c) The string moved like a snake on the ground
d) I laid the mayonaise on really thick.

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