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Which of the following statements summarizes the Progressive Era?
a) A time when the government stopped protecting its citizens
b) A time when people left the United States because of all of the corruption
c) A time when the government began to fix the problems of the Gilded Age
d) A time when the United States did not change.

Why was "The Jungle" so important?
a) Showed the disgusting conditions of the meat factories
b) Showed the inequality women faced
c) It is the reason Roosevelt was impeached
d) It was not important

National Prohibition, as authorized by the 18th Amendment, stated that –
a) Americans must be 18 years old to purchase alcoholic beverages.
b) children could not drink alcohol.
c) Making and selling alcoholic beverages was illegal.
d) All american could drink alcohol

Anti-trust acts like the Clayton Antitrust Act were especially favored by -
a) Big Business
b) Suffragist
c) Labor Unions
d) Women

How did the role of government in the United States change during the Progressive Era?
a) Governments played a larger role in citizens’ everyday life.
b) There was little to no change in the role of government.
c) The government played a smaller role and was more Laissez-Faire.
d) The United States became a monarchy.

Which President supported Moral Diplomacy?
a) Taft
b) Wilson
c) Bush
d) Lincoln

Which of the following benefits was accomplished with the construction of the Panama Canal?
a) It was harder to ship things to Mexico
b) Reduced the amount of time needed to ship goods around the world.
c) European Nations all declared war on the United States
d) Caused Panama to become 2 countries

What was the significance of the sinking of the Lusitania?
a) The attacks resulted in the end of the war.
b) Made the US want to go to war with Germany
c) Made Canada invade the US
d) It was an important naval ship

Trench Warfare was a new development in WWI that –
a) Causes a stalemate
b) Made the war end quickly
c) Soldiers really liked it
d) Men enjoyed digging trenches

A major purpose of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points was to –
a) ask Congress to enter World War I.
b) set goals for peace after World War I.
c) Help the United States to become the most powerful nation in the world.
d) to make a list of the 14 countries he disliked in Europe

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