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eveything that affects an organism
a) consumer
b) population
c) enviroment
d) foodchain

the study of the relationship between organisms and their envionment
a) decomposer
b) ecology
c) ecosystem
d) producer

a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same area
a) populaation
b) community
c) producer
d) ecology

all the populations of diffrent species that live in the ame area
a) environment
b) decomposer
c) ecology
d) community

a community of organisms and its nonliving enviroment
a) ecosystem
b) consumer
c) enviroment
d) producer

an organism that uses sunlight direcly to make food
a) producer
b) enviroment
c) community
d) food cain

an organism that eats other organism
a) producer
b) ecolgy
c) consumers
d) producer

an animal that feeds on dead bodies of other animals
a) community
b) enviroment
c) scavenger
d) decomposer

the path of energy from one feeding level to another
a) ecosystem
b) food web
c) food chain
d) energy pyramid

an organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms
a) producer
b) scavenger
c) decomposer
d) consumer

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