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April, ______, June
a) May
b) March
c) My
d) Mat

Our flag is___________.
a) use, fun, and old
b) red, white, and blue
c) nine, ten, and eleven
d) brown, orange, and green

_____ old are you?
a) Who
b) How
c) Now
d) Old

Can ____ see the big, orange cat?
a) you
b) your
c) yellow
d) who

Mom, we _____ all of our food.
a) are
b) ask
c) ate
d) at

I see _______ dolls.
a) for
b) four
c) get
d) was

______ did you do it?
a) Use
b) Was
c) Who
d) Why

A __________ has three sides.
a) circle
b) square
c) triangle
d) rectangle

I will ______ him on the phone.
a) why
b) was
c) him
d) call

Did you ______ the cake?
a) egg
b) eat
c) any
d) three

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