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An automobile engine is a smaller system that is embedded into a larger
a) technological system
b) social system
c) environmental system
d) political system

Science, technology, engineering, and math are so closely related that progress in one area
a) stunts progress in all other areas
b) stunts progress in one but not all other areas
c) promotes advancements in all other areas
d) promotes advancement in one other area but not others

A trade-off is a desired result that is
a) granted ahead of other desired results
b) forfeited in favor of other desired results
c) forfeited solely due to high cost
d) spun off to form a new company

Decisions to use technology result in trade-offs between
a) science and mathematics principles
b) technology and science principles
c) positive and negative feelings
d) positive and negative effects

Early in the history of technology, the development of many tools and machines was based not on scientific knowledge but on
a) technology and mathematics principles
b) the engineering design process
c) technological know-how
d) positive and negative effects of using technology

Social Impacts are:?
a) Recreation facilities
b) Increased tax base from industry and business
c) Ancient civilizations (burial grounds, native hunting sites, etc…)
d) Laws and enforcement

Economic impacts are?
a) Employment/Jobs
b) Recreation facilities
c) Laws and enforcement
d) Ancient civilizations (burial grounds, native hunting sites, etc…)

Cultural impacts are?
a) Geological Land forms, rivers, valleys
b) Laws and enforcement
c) Recreation facilities
d) Employment/Jobs

Political impacts are?
a) Laws and enforcement
b) Recreation facilities
c) Employment/Jobs
d) Ancient civilizations (burial grounds, native hunting sites, etc…)

Environmental Impacts are?
a) Ancient civilizations (burial grounds, native hunting sites, etc…)
b) Water pollution
c) Laws and enforcement
d) Recreation facilities

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