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Why did the Federal government give land to railroads?
a) So that the government could build its own railroads
b) so that the west could grow and transportation would be easier
c) to prevent European investors from controlling the US industry
d) To stop railroads from growing

The increase in the availability of electricity changed the US economy in what way?
a) Allowed for larger building projects
b) slowed productions of goods
c) it increased industrial productivity because factories could stay open longer
d) It did not change anything

How did new technologies help farmers on the Great Plains?
a) Saved them time and effort
b) eliminated insects and other pests
c) it lowered their debt
d) It did not help

What is one negative effect of industrialism during the Gilded Age?
a) Work in factories was repetitive and dangerous
b) The standard of living increased for all Americans
c) Factories employed both skilled and unskilled laborers
d) There were no negative effects

What was a political boss?
a) A party leader
b) controlled voting and had all of the power
c) powerless men who worked in factories
d) Men who worked on farms

Crowded Conditions, poor sanitation,and unsafe buildings, were all characteristics of ....
a) the west
b) urbanization
c) labor unions
d) new farming techniques

In the late 19th century, immigration affected American cities because it caused ...
a) it had no affect
b) people to move back to their homelands
c) more city parks
d) overcrowded housing

Who was John D. Rockefeller
a) Wrote Declaration of Independence
b) President during the Gilded Age
c) A famous leader of a labor union
d) Owned Standard Oil Company and was a "Robber Baron"

What was a Captain of Industry?
a) A person who worked in factories
b) A person who owned a large business and made lots of money
c) A Naval captain
d) Speaker of the House during the Gilded Age

What is Philanthropy?
a) where they trade "shares" of stock
b) When wealthy people help the poor
c) Conserving natural resources
d) Part of Woodrow Wilson's Plan for peace

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