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When you take the big picture and break it down into smaller pieces in designing software this is called
a) Down Up Design
b) Top Down Design
c) Coding
d) Psuedocode

The first step in the design process is
a) Algorithm
b) Coding
c) Debugging
d) Specifications

The second step in the software life cycle ( design process ) is
a) Specifications
b) Coding the Design
c) Design a Solution
d) White Space

Which of the following is an English representation of code, but not actual code syntax
a) Psuedocode
b) Error Trapping
c) Internal Documentation
d) Flow Chart

An algorithm
a) is part of the debugging process
b) is reviewing the specifications of the software
c) A step by step process to complete a function
d) is a sub program

This kind of error will happen when you try to compile your code
a) Logic
b) Run-time
c) External
d) Syntax

This kind of error occurs while the program is running and it causes the program to crash
a) Run-time
b) Internal
c) Syntax
d) Logic

When a program compiles, and runs with-out quitting but your output is bad, this is which kind of error
a) Logic
b) Syntax
c) Internal
d) User

This is used to organize your code and make it more readable
a) Error trapping
b) Syntax
c) White Space
d) Algorithm

Testing your program to make sure it works is also called
a) Verification
b) Syntaxation
c) Collecting
d) Error trapping

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