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This is the temporary memory that stores the variables and instructions of a program when it is running.
a) RAM
b) CPU
c) Motherboard
d) Binary

A binary bit is
a) 1 or 0
b) eight digits
c) RAM
d) Software

Convert 36 (base 10) into binary
a) 10110
b) 100100
c) 101011
d) 1111

Convert 011001 (base 2) into decimal
a) 65
b) 34
c) 25
d) 81

Which of the following is considered hardware?
a) Windows 8
b) Monitor
c) Google Chrome
d) Device drivers

Which of the following is an operating system?
a) Yahoo
b) Microsoft Word
c) Linux
d) Solitaire

What does the F2 button do?
a) Copy
b) Paste
c) Rename
d) Move

Which of the following is NOT an operating system?
a) Word
b) Windows 8
c) Mac OS
d) Linux

Software is
a) things like the mouse and other input devices
b) programs that are running on your computer
c) things like the monitor that are output devices
d) things that go on a couch

What is a Byte?
a) 2 Bits
b) 4 Bits
c) 6 Bits
d) 8 Bits

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