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What does inspired mean?
a) Making no mistakes or erros?
b) Guided by or breathed in?
c) Incapable of failing?
d) TGhe teachin authority of he church?

What is an example of a covenent?
a) Syllabus?
b) A detition slip?
c) A marrage?
d) Permission slip?

What is salvation history?
a) the story of why Bart thought his neighbor was a muderer
b) the story of how God\'s plan to save us was worked out over thousands of years
c) the story of creation
d) the story of Jesus walking on water

What does "innerant" mean?
a) Making no mistakes or errors
b) incapable of failing
c) guided by or breathed in
d) the teaching authority of the church

who is the primary author of the Bible?
a) pope
b) disciples
c) God
d) Moses

God is outside of:
a) time and space
b) heaven and earth
c) the church
d) your window snatching people

what does Isaac mean?
a) exploding
b) sending
c) waiting
d) laughing

what did Abel offer God?
a) part of his crop
b) his technicolor dream coat
c) the best of the flock
d) nothing

how many years did Jacob work for Rachel?
a) 3
b) 7
c) 14
d) 21

what does Moses mean?
a) brought out from the water
b) brought into the darkness
c) drawn in bright light
d) hot date night

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