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________________ is the process of taking something (a device, an electrical component, a software program, etc.) apart and analyzing its workings in detail.
a) Reverse Engineering
b) Chemical Engineering
c) Structural Engineering
d) Mechanical Engineering

The steps in the reverse-engineering process are:
a) Prediction, Observation, Disassemble, Analyze, Test, Documentation
b) Prediction, Disassemble, Observation, Analyze, Documentation,Test
c) Documentation, Observation, Prediction, Disassemble, Analyze, Test,
d) , Observation, Disassemble, Analyze, Test, Prediction, Documentation

Which of the following questions should be asked in the prediction step?
a) What is the purpose of this product?
b) How many moving parts?
c) Any surprises?
d) How does it meet design objectives (overall)?

Whcih event in history was an example of reverse engineering
a) Soviets Copied America’s Best Bomber During WWII
b) Chinese Copied America’s Best Bomber During WWII
c) Kong Copied America’s Best Bomber During WWII
d) None of the Above

In the observation stage of reverse engineering you should ask all the following questions EXCEPT which?
a) How do you think it works?
b) How does it meet design objectives (overall)?
c) Why is it designed the way it is?
d) What is this?

In documentation one should.
a) Construct Schematic diagrams
b) Brainstorm
c) Evaluate
d) Do a backflip because of the excitement!

Engineers have to be able to _______________ the design problem to solve and decide whether or not to address it.
a) Identify
b) Evaluate
c) Understand
d) Express

systems __________ because they have faulty or poorly matched parts, are used in ways that exceed what was intended by the design, or were poorly designed to begin with.
a) fail
b) improve
c) grow
d) fumble

Define a system by identifying its _____________, their relationship to other systems, and the intended input and output of the system.
a) subsystems
b) problems
c) solution
d) Criteria

Coach Swisher's Middle Name is ?
a) Lee
b) Lee Roy
c) Cody
d) Blake

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