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Which word best describes the frogs, birds and insects in an ecosystem?
a) population
b) community
c) biotic factors
d) organisms

A coyote, scorpion, and cactus would most likely be found in a(n) _____ biome.
a) temperate deciduous
b) tundra
c) desert
d) rainforest

Which of these is a producer?
a) ant
b) tree
c) grasshopper
d) sunlight

Which of these is a consumer?
a) cactus
b) frog
c) rain
d) shrub

If a tadpole eats algae from a rock the tadpole is a ___________?
a) producer
b) primary consumer
c) secondary consumer
d) tertiary consumer

Decomposer recycle by _____.
a) eating dead organisms and waste material
b) collecting water for other organisms
c) fertilizing plants and trees
d) using photosynthesis to make food

If we wanted to show the relationship between all the organisms in an ecosytem we would use a(n)
a) food pyramid
b) food web
c) food chain
d) food line

If we wanted to show the energy flow in an ecosytem we would use a(n)
a) energy pyramid
b) energy web
c) food chain
d) energy circle

A group of the same type of organisms living in the same area is a ___________.
a) community
b) population
c) group of consumers
d) ecosystem

A _________ is an organism that does not eat other organisms.
a) tertiary consumer
b) organism
c) niche
d) producer

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