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Where was democracy started over 2,000 years ago?
a) no answer listed
b) America
c) Rome
d) Athens, Greece

What is a government called in which the people rule?
a) democracy
b) government
c) representative
d) no answer listed

What is the event called where a person accused of a crime is judged?
a) jury
b) judge
c) trial
d) government

Important paper that King John was forced to sign which limited his powers?
a) Magna Carta
b) Constitution
c) Parliment
d) representative

A system of rule.
a) President
b) Parliment
c) law
d) government

What was the location of the world's first representative government 2,500 years ago?
a) Rome
b) Athens, Greece
c) America
d) England

What is the name of a group of lawmakers in Great Britain?
a) Kings
b) Presidents
c) Parliment
d) no answer listed

People chosen to speak or act for others.
a) representatives
b) represent
c) jury
d) peers

Who are the group of people who decide whether or not an accused person has committed a crime?
a) judge
b) jury
c) lawyers
d) peers

Speak or act for.
a) representatives
b) lawyer
c) represent
d) government

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