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The House of Burgesses in Jamestown was the beginning of what kind of government in America?
a) religious
b) representative
c) refuge
d) none of the above

English colonists became what when other Europeans immigrated to America?
a) majority
b) minority
c) stock companies
d) none of the above

Why was expansion slowed?
a) poor traveling conditions
b) indentured servants
c) religious ideas
d) none of the above

How was the colonists' health?
a) excellent
b) good
c) poor
d) none of the above

Under Charles I, who received charters to form colonies?
a) no correct answer listed
b) planters
c) governors
d) wealthy nobles

What Indian tribe helped Roger Williams flee from the Puritans to Rhode Island?
a) no correct answer listed
b) Narragansett
c) Powhatan
d) American Indian

Which charter was started when several English nobles were granted this rigt by Charles II?
a) Carolina
b) New York
c) Deleware
d) no correct answer listed

What colony was Deleware originally a part of?
a) New Hampshire
b) Pennsylvania
c) Virginia
d) none of the above

What group of people did Jamestown colonists buy from the Dutch to be used as slaves in the tobacco fields?
a) American Indians
b) Africans
c) Germans
d) none of the above

Where did the people who settled Georgia originally come from?
a) courts
b) prisons
c) New York
d) no answer listed

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