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Corporate agribusiness in tx receives farm subsidies in such an amount the state is ranked where among the 50?
a) 4
b) 10
c) 1
d) 18

Small farmers/ranchers, some 81%, do not collect farm subsidies.
a) true
d) false

Welfare payments each year to agribusiness interests average what amount for the top ten percent of all recipients?
a) 30,000
b) 25,900
c) 37,300
d) 41,496

Between 1995 to 2011 agribusiness interests in tx receieved what amount in welfare payments billed as farm subsidies?
a) 8 billion
b) 41 million
c) 25.9 billion
d) 25.9 million

The top 10% of tx subsidy recipients (in amount of dollars) obtained what percentage of all payments?
a) 81%
b) 62%
c) 43%
d) 78%

Dallas county farm subsidies exceeded those of Tarrant county in total money amount in 2011.
a) true
d) false

the top money recipient of tarm subsidy welfare was which county in tx in 2011
a) Zapata
b) Gaines
c) Calhoun
d) Parker

How much was paid in farm subsidy welfare to the top recipient by county in tx in 2011?
a) 1 million
b) 49.3 million
c) 1.4 billion
d) 1 billion

Which crop in tx received the most farm subsidy in 2011?
a) peanuts
b) cotton
c) corn
d) wheat

Who is the prettiest?
a) me

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