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Sinkholes associated with natural processes are characteristic of what type of bedrock?
a) Limestone
b) Granite
c) Basalt
d) Gneiss

Organic matter in soil is made from
a) weathered parent rock
b) decayed plants and animals
c) acid rain
d) carbon dioxide

What is located beneath soil layers?
a) bedrock
b) humus
c) lava
d) tundra

How do stalagmites and stalactities in caves develop?
a) They are carbonate deposits formed by dripping water in air-filled cavities
b) They are granite intrusions that remain behind after water dissolves the surrounding limestone
c) They are crystals that grow as water hollows out the cavern
d) They are carvings made in limestone by the swirling water as it hollows out the cavern

Which layer of a soil profile would be affected the most by weathering and erosion?
a) Horizon A
b) Horizon B
c) Horizon C
d) Bedrock

The layer in the a soil profile that has the most humus is
a) Horizon A
b) Horizon B
c) Horizon C
d) Bedrock

Why does water move more slowly through clay than through humus?
a) Clay has greater permeability
b) Clay has very small pore spaces
c) Clay prevents capillary attraction of water
d) Clay reduces evaporation rates

During droughts. lack of rain can lead to wells drying up. This is because the drought has lowered the
a) water table
b) water trough
c) zone of aeration
d) zone of porosity

The water supply in a well will be most consistent in which of the following layers?
a) zone of aeration
b) zone of saturation
c) impermeable layer
d) bedrock

Beginning at the surface, which of the water table zones below is the correct order?
a) aerated zone, saturated zone, bedrock
b) saturated zone, aerated zone, bedrock
c) bedrock, aerated zone, saturated zone
d) saturated zone, bedrock, aerated zone

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