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a) When No Limp
b) Without Nuerological Logic
c) Within Normal Limits
d) Will Need Lysine

a) Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration
b) Two Per Rate
c) Time Per Results
d) To Pre Registar

a) Rear Rectal
b) Right Rear
c) Respiratory Rate
d) Renal Rate

a) Immidiatly
b) Next day
c) In addition
d) As needed

a) Immidiatly
b) Intramuscular
c) Immunity
d) Infectious

a) Treatment
b) Disease
c) Prognosis
d) Testing

a) Unknown illness
b) Physical Exam
c) Disease
d) Prognosis

a) Chemical Balance Count
b) Complete Blood Count
c) Chemotherapy Blood Check
d) Chemotherapy Balance Count

a) Every other day
b) Per Oarlly
c) Quite, alert, responsive
d) Twice Daily

a) Every other day
b) Twice daily
c) Against medical advice
d) Nothing by mouth

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