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"politics have shaped the market, and shaped it in ways that advantage the top at the expense of the rest." Who wrote this?
a) Stokely Carmichael
b) Charles V. Hamilton
c) Thomas B Edsall
d) Joseph E. Stiglitz

"Many @ bottom,or even middle,aren't living up2 their potential,cause rich,needing few public services&worried tht strong govt might redistrib income,use their pol infu 2 cut taxes
a) Thomas Friedman
b) Joseph E. Stiglitz
c) Thomas B. Edsall
d) Charles V. Hamilton

Income inequality among its consequences has moved representative democracy to meritocracy to plutocracy.
a) true
b) false

Match authors to book/article titles. Which on is not a correct match?
a) Paul Krugman "End This Depression Now!"
b) Timothy Noadh The Great Divergence:America's Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do About It"
c) Lawrence Lessing Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress--and a Plan to Stop it"
d) Thomas B. Edsall "Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer-and Turned Its Back

Which chicana in the text sought the office of County Judge in tx?
a) Norma Villarreal Ramirez
b) Lena Lavario
c) Norma Chavez
d) Rose Herrera

Which Chicana in the text was a school board member in Fort Worth?
a) Trini Gamez
b) Gloria De Leon
c) Rose Herrera
d) Norma Chavez

All the Chicana interviewed for the text are residents of tx
a) true
b) false

Which of these Chicanas in the text never held public office in tx?
a) Guadalupe "Lupe" Valdez
b) Lena Levario
c) Norma Chavez
d) Gloria De Leon

Which of these Chicanas in the text was first appointed to public office rather than win first election?
a) Lena Levario
b) Rose Herrera
c) Gloria De Leon
d) Diana Flores

Which Chicana in the text succeeded Henry Cisneros in San Antonio city council district 1?
a) Gloria De Leon
b) Lena Levario
c) Maria Antonietta Berriozabal
d) Diana Flores

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