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which of the following types of crime occurs least frequently?
a) buglary
b) larceny
c) murder
d) aggravated assault

how has the crime rate changes since 1990?
a) it has been decreasing
b) it has been increasing
c) it increased until 2000 and then began to fall
d) it decreased until 2000 and then began to increase

which of the following statements about the incidence of crime is/are true?
a) renters are more likely to be crime victimes than homewoners
b) men are more likely to be crime victims than women
c) low-income people are more likely to be crime victims than middle- and upper-income people
d) all of the above

which of the following statements is not true of people arrested for crimes?
a) most of them are men
b) most of the them are middle aged
c) most of them are poorly educated
d) at least for violent crimes, most of hem know their victims

The clearance rate is lowest for which of the following crimes?
a) murder
b) aggravated assault
c) larceny
d) robbery

what is the purpose of booking?
a) to document a person's arrest
b) to ensure that an accused person returns for later proceedings
c) to monitor a criminal defendant who has been granted probation
d) to provide compensation to a crime victim

A police informs a suspect of his constitutional rights. This action is known as which of the following?
a) booking
b) arraignment
c) plea bargain
d) miranda warning

a grand jury is most closely associated with which of the following actions?
a) arraignment
b) indictment
c) bail
d) plea bargain

how are most criminal cases resolved in tx district courts?
a) the defendant is acquitted after a trail
b) the defendant is convicted after a trail
c) the charges are dismissed
d) the defendant pleads guilty

the case of Furman v. Georgia dealt with which of the following issues?
a) prison
b) confinement of sexual assault offenders after the expiration of their prison terms
c) capital punishment
d) right to legal representation for indigent defendants

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