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which of the following programs will be most greatly affected by the adoption of federal healthcare reform?
c) Medicaid
d) Food stamps

which of the following is a healthcare program that specially targets children?
a) Medicaire
c) Medicaid
d) School Lunch Program

which of the following institutions benefit(s) from the Permanent University (PUF)?
a) Community colleges
b) University of Houston
c) University of Texas at Austin
d) all of the above

which of the following programs provides temporary financial assistance and work opportunities to neddy families?
b) medicaid
c) SNAP (food stamps)

revenue raised by which of the following taxes funds highway construction and maintenance in tx?
a) gasoline tax
b) hotel/motel tax
c) insurance tax
d) all of the above

which of the following agencies plays the most important role in developing the state budget proposal for consideration by the legislature?
a) office of the governor
b) LBB
c) Comptroller of Public Accounts
d) Texas Attorney General

What role does the comptroller play in the budget process?
a) the comptroller prepares the initial budget draft
b) the comptroller, along with the governor, has budget execution authority
c) the comptroller must approve any deficit spending
d) the comptroller projects state revenue for the upcoming budget period

which of the following is an example of a dedicated fund?
a) PUF
c) medicaid

which of the following phrases best describes budget policies in tx?
a) low level of taxes, well-funded services
b) high level of taxes, poorly funded services
c) low level of taxes, poorly funded services
d) high level of taxes, well-funded services

which of the following state officials has/have the greatest influence over the LRB?
a) governor
b) speaker and l. governor
c) comptroller
d) attroney general

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