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Which of the following will increase the speed of a toy truck if you push it across the floor?
a) increasing the friction between the truck tires and the floor
b) increasing the gravity acting on the truck
c) increasing the force of the push
d) increasing the mass of the truck by adding blocks as a load

What type of force is demonstrated if the magnets are held in the positions of S--N to N--S?
a) pulling
b) spinnig
c) rolling
d) pushing

Students are working to separate a mixture of sand and water using a jar and a filter. What force allows for this process to work?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) magnetism
d) mass

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies forms of life that existed in past geologic time periods. Over time, scientists find new fossils. This results in...
a) scientific views changing as new knowledge is gained
b) scientists learning more about past life forms found on other planets.
c) scientists not reporting new findings.
d) scientific views remaining the same.

Scientists found a fossil of an animal that showed scale covered fins, a fish-like jaw, and bones like the ones in shoulders, arms, and wrists. Which environment did he likely live
a) deep in the ocean
b) in glaciers and caves
c) on land and in the air
d) on water and on land

Which process occurs when water is heated to 100C?
a) melting
b) condensation
c) boiling
d) freezing

What is the melting point of an ice cube?
a) 100 C
b) 0 C
c) 10 C
d) 1 C

Kevin listens to a weather forecast that calls for a blizzard with snow build-up expected to last for the next 7 days. What can he infer from this prediction?
a) Temperatures will be in the 10C - 20C range for most of the week
b) Temperatures will vary all week
c) Temperatures will stay near 100C for most of the week
d) Temperatures will stay at or below 0C for most of the week

When water trapped in the crevices of rock freezes and puts pressure on the surrounding rock, the cracks widen and the rock eventually breaks into pieces. What temperature must be reached in order for this to occur?
a) 32 C
b) 100 C
c) 0 C
d) -5 C

The thermometer in a cup reads 70 C. How much hotter would the water in this cup need to be in order to reach its boiling point?
a) 20 C
b) 25 C
c) 30 C
d) The water has already reached its boiling point.

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