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The Foundation School Program refers to which of the following?
a) basic-skills testing
b) a school choice program
c) merit pay
d) basic funding program for public education in tx

What is the most important local funding source for public education in tx?
a) sales tax
b) property tax
c) tuition and fees charged to parents
d) federal aid

What was the primary effect of the Robin Hood Plan?
a) It reduced funding for the state's wealthy school districts
b) it increased funding for the state's poorer school districts to the funding level of the welthier di
c) it ended school district reliance on property taxes
d) all of the above

The educational reform movement that allows parents to choose the elementary or secondary school their children will attend is known as which of the following?
a) charter schoold
b) merit pay
c) school choice
d) robin hood plan

STAAR is most closely associated with which of the following concepts?
a) school funding
b) school choice
c) charter schools
d) basic-skills testing

which of the following is an example of a special district?
a) coastal subsidence district
b) hospital district
c) municipal utility district
d) all of the above

What is th emost important local tax source for community/junior college districts?
a) property taxes
b) sales taxes
c) hotel/motel occupancy taax
d) income tax

which of the following special districts levies a sales tax?
a) community/junior college district
b) transit authority
c) hospital district
d) port authority

which of the following types of special districts is typically funded by hotel/motel occupancy taxes and taxes on rental cars (among other revenue sources)?
a) municipal utility districts
b) port authorities
c) sports authorities
d) hospital districts

which of the following types of cpecial districts raises revenue from service charges, including water and sewer usage and garbage pickup fees?
a) municipal utility districts
b) sports authorities
c) hospital districts
d) port authorities

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