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Which activity would a scientist say requires work?
a) Watching a movie
b) opening a door
c) leaning against a door
d) thinking about homework

How can the position of an object be changed?
a) by pushing the object
b) by pulling the object
c) by both pushing and pulling
d) it can't be changed

Why does it take more force to move a bowling ball than a basketball? The bowling ball has more...
a) force
b) mass
c) speed
d) motion

Which of the following does not involve motion?
a) a change in the position of an object
b) swinging from side to side
c) a wagon being pulled
d) none of the above

How does a pulley help workers move heavy objects?
a) It increases the amount of work
b) It decreases the amount of work
c) It reduces the amount of effort needed
d) it does not help the worker

Which ball would roll the farthest if the same amount of force is applied to identical balls?
a) A ball that rolls across carpet
b) A ball that rolls across a rough tile floor
c) A ball that rolls across a smooth wooden floor
d) All of the balls will roll the same distance

Which of the following can cause significant and lasting rapid changes to Earth’s surface?
a) earthquakes and volcanoes
b) hurricanes and mountain building
c) vitamins and minerals
d) reflection and refraction

Why is humus an important addition to soil?
a) it allows for better plant growth
b) it keeps the soil from retaining more water
c) it makes the soil a darker color
d) it absorbs oxygen for the plants

Robert is moving a load of bricks from one side of the room to another. Which of the following loads would require the most work?
a) a 10 kg load
b) a 15 kg load
c) a 20 kg load
d) a 25 kg load

Small bits of weathered rock and sediments can be formed into sedimentary rock by
a) melting and cementation
b) heat and time
c) cementation and pressure
d) chemical weathering

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