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Which of the following is NOT a major source of revenue for tx cities?
a) property tax
b) sales tax
c) franchis fees
d) income tax

what effect does a homestead exemption have on a homeowner's property tax bill?
a) It reduces the taxable value of the homw by the amount of the exemption.
b) it reduces the property tax rate by the amount of the exemption
c) it increase the total tax paid by the amount of the exemption
d) it has no impact on property tax bills

which of the following is a program in which a local govt promises to earmark increased property tax rev generated by development in a designated area?
a) zoning
b) homestead exemption
c) tax increment financing
d) pluralism

which of the following actions increases both a city's land area and, possibly, its population as well?
a) extraterritorial jurisdiction
b) zoning
c) tax increment financing
d) annexation

people living in a subdivision just outside the city limits don't pay taxes to the city or vote in city elections, but they must follow city building codes. Why?
a) because of annexation
b) becasue the subdivision is in the city's ETJ
c) becasue of zoning
d) because of deed restrictions

A tx couple hires contractor 2 add a room 2 their house. the contractor applies 4 & receives permit frm city.What type of city ordinance forces contractor 2 obtain permit 4 work?
a) building code
b) housing code
c) zoning
d) deed restriction

homeowner discovers that her plan 2 erect new chanlink fence is unacceptable cause her subdidvision only allows wooden fences.The fence requiremnent is most likely result of which
a) building codes
b) housing codes
c) zoning
d) deed restrictions

"A small group of wealthy people dominate politics by controlling economic resources." This statement reflects which of the following concepts?
a) pluralism
b) deracialization
c) elitism
d) toggling

"diverse groups of elites compete w/1 another to control policy various issue areas." This statement reflects which of the following concepts?
a) pluralism
b) deracialization
c) elitism
d) toggling

which of the following statements best describes Annis Parker's strategy for being elected mayor of Houston?
a) She mobilized gay & lesbian community, who simply outvoted other groups in the city
b) she mobilized her base of gay &lesbian voters while appealing2other houstonians,including many consr
c) she ran as an outsider promising 2 shake up city by putting minorities,including gays in charge dept
d) she ran as the canidate of the business community by focusing on economic development

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