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Another name of heat energy is....
a) Temperature
b) Thermal energy
c) Conduction energy
d) Kinetic energy

Thermal energy is measured in ....
a) Kilograms
b) Centigrade
c) Joules
d) Celcius

The amount of thermal energy of an object depends on the temperature, the material and ...
a) The container it is in
b) How much of it there is (the mass)

Which beaker has the most thermal energy?
a) Beaker with 35cm3 of water at a temperature of 50 Celcius
b) Beaker with 50cm3 of water at a temperature of 50 Celcius

What are the three ways that heat can be transferred?
a) Conduction, convection and congestion
b) Conduction, radiation and reflection
c) Reflection, radiation and emission
d) Conduction, convection and radiation

Conduction only happens in ....
a) gases
b) vacuums
c) solids
d) liquids

Convection happens in .....
a) gases and liquids
b) gases only
c) solids
d) liquids only

What best describes conduction?
a) Vibrating particles collide with their neighbours and pass on the energy.
b) The heat gets transferred by waves.

What best describes convection?
a) Particles become more dense when heated and bumps into other particles, passing on the energy.
b) When particles are heated they vibrate more becoming less dense so they rise and are replaced by cooler ones

What best describes radiation?
a) This is how the heat from the Sun reaches Earth. The particles vibrate extra fast so energy is transferred quickly.
b) This is how the heat from the Sun reaches Earth. It travels in waves so does not need particles.

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