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Carrying an armful of wood uphill into one's home is an example of:
a) heavy activity
b) light activity
c) moderate activity
d) very ligh activity

An example of nutrition information that a person should be cautious of is:
a) consuming 1800 calories per day and burn 2100 calories per day
b) encouraging one to choose orange juice instead of lemonade
c) replacing corn with brown rice in an evening meal
d) the grapefurit diet that guarantees one will lose five pound per week

People and vehicles are similar becaue they both require?
a) acceptance
b) clothing
c) energy
d) esteem

people and vechicles are similar because both require:
a) fats and carbohydrates
b) proteins and minerals
c) sources of energy and water
d) starches and sugars

A recommendation found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to eat:
a) fewer processed and red meats
b) fish or seafood every other day
c) ice-cream and cheese daily
d) potatoes boiled in water for five minutes

For a person trying to lose weight, each meal in a healthy eating plan should include:
a) eight glasses of milk
b) foods high in nutrients and low in calories
c) foods with low nutrient density
d) three meals totaling 3000 calories per day.

A recommendation found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to:
a) follow a lifestyle that enables one to acheive a healthy weight
b) get physical exercise at least once a week.
c) select foods that are high in saturated fats
d) select more fruits and fewer vegetables for your diet

A whole-grain product is:
a) cornmeal muffin
b) old fashoned oatmeal
c) refined flour tortilla
d) white dinner roll

The food groups recommended in lesser amounts on the plate on are:
a) fruits and grains
b) fruits and protein
c) grains and protein
d) grains and vegetables

Vegetables are encouraged by through the use of the:
a) blue glass to the right of the plate
b) green section on bottom left of plate
c) purple section on bottom right of plate
d) red section on upper left of plate

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