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Growing a garden in a vacant city lot to save on food costs is what two type of external food influences on food choices?
a) Economic and technological
b) Technological and media
c) Media and environemental
d) Environmemtal and economic

Which is an example of a technological factor influencing food choices
a) Change in climate
b) Decreasing amounts of available land
c) Development of shelf-stable foods
d) Increasing supplies of a type of food product

A male's caloric needs are different from a female's calorie needs. This is an example of which individual influence on food?
a) Cultural
b) Physiological
c) Psychological
d) Situational Factors

A reccommendation found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to:
a) burn fewer calories than one consumes
b) burn more calories than on consumes
c) gradually decrease calories burned by increasing food eaten
d) gradually increase calories consumed by eating more carbohydrates

A recommendation found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to consume food rich in potassium such as:
a) beef and pork
b) cheese and yogurt
c) dinner rolls and oatmeal
d) potatoes and bananas

Which person should be sure to reduce sodium intake to 1500 mg?
a) Female in the first trimester of pregnancy
b) Fourty-year-old male
c) New mother breastfeeding her infant?
d) Teenage male with diabetes

Which is a credible source of science-based nutrition and fitness information?
b) Food
c) The Atkins Diet
d) The National Inquirer

Deborah is searching for a credible source of science-based nutrition and fitness information. Which should she use?
a) Atkins Diet
b) Dietary Guidelines for Americans
c) National Inquirer
d) South Beach Diet

An example of food in the red section on site is:
a) blackeyed peas
b) corn-on-the-cob
c) skim milk
d) sliced peaches

Which is the Best example of a high-fiber product?
a) Banana
b) Flour tortilla
c) Hamburger bun
d) Shredded wheat

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