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What is a wampum?
a) A clan leader
b) Early people did not leave written records.
c) A string of polished beads passed at council to show the speaker was truthful.
d) A pair of leather like shoes.

There were 2 major Native American groups in NY. They were:
a) The Algonkian and the Iroquois
b) The Cherokee and the Cheyenne
c) The Algonkian and the Cheyenne
d) The Cherokee and the Iroquois

Archaelogists use ___________________to find out what life was like in the past.
a) wampum belts
b) artifacts
c) longhouses
d) sachems

The 3 sisters are?
a) Mary, Jane, and Sue
b) turkey, deer, and fish
c) Wheat, corn, and water
d) Corn, beans, and squash

Most Native Americans lived in ________________________.
a) longhouses
b) trees
c) caves
d) tents

What is heritage?
a) A group of families that share the same ancestors.
b) A leader of the each Iroquois clan.
c) The history, beliefs, and customs a group of people share.
d) Early people who lived in the time known as prehistory.

Why did the early New Yorkers settle near rivers?
a) They liked to swim.
b) To keep the children entertained.
c) To be able to fish and hunt.
d) To be able to skip rocks on the river.

A sachem is__________________.
a) A member of the Grand Council.
b) A crossing on a land bridge.
c) A group of people who join together to help each other.
d) A type of necklace made out of beads by people long ago.

The village council is where ___________________________.
a) Iroquois children gather firewood.
b) Iroquois men from each clan met to make decisions.
c) the tribes met to eat dinner.
d) Iroquois women met to gather berries.

Hunter-gatherers are ____________________________.
a) scientists who study artifacts.
b) members of the Grand Council.
c) people who hunt animals and gather plants for food.
d) a type of house the Iroquois lived in.

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