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In 1990, Iraq invaded which country and the U.S. stepped in to intervene?
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Kuwait
d) United States

Which country are having battles over water rights to the Jordan River?
a) Afghanistan
b) Israel
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Turkey

In what country is there less water to irrage pistachio trees?
a) Iraq
b) Israel
c) Iran
d) Afghanistan

What is oldest religion in the Middle East?
a) Judaism
b) Christianity
c) Islam
d) Hinduism

Some people consider this group to be both an ethnic and religious group
a) Arabs
b) Ethnic Turks
c) Jews
d) Kurds

Today, most Iranians speak and Farsi and are:
a) Arab
b) Persian
c) Jewish
d) Kurdish

The majority of people in the Middle East belong to this ethnic group?
a) Arabs
b) Kurds
c) Jews
d) Persians

The trend in Saudi Arabia to move from the desert to urban areas has happened over the last
a) 50 years
b) 100 years
c) 150 years
d) 200 years

Cities grow up around rivers to take advantage of
a) sand
b) fertile soil
c) water
d) shrimp

The most common landforms in the Middle East is:
a) river
b) desert
c) mountains
d) plateau

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