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Which of the following is an example of the pattern of simple to complex?
a) waving before grasping an object
b) raising the head to see an object before grasping an object
c) control of arm movements before leg movements
d) crawling before walking

If a baby weights 8 pounds at birth, it should weight ___ at a year old
a) 30
b) 24
c) 16
d) 12

Turning toward the side of the face that was stroked is an example of ...
a) rooting reflex
b) fine motor skills
c) grasping reflex
d) sucking reflex

When should babies first be started on solid foods?
a) 1 month
b) 2 months
c) 1 year old
d) 6 months

If a baby is cranky, drools a lot, and want to chew on things these are signs that the baby...
a) has an allergy
b) ill
c) mad
d) teething

When a caregiver is worried or angry, the infant
a) is unaffected
b) becomes very quiet
c) can become irritable
d) avoids the caregiver

Which temperament trait best describes a child who is willing to try new foods?
a) Persistence
b) First reaction
c) Adaptability
d) Intensity

Social Development in an infant....
a) occurs at the same rate as in other infants
b) should match set milestomes
c) ends after eight months
d) follows a pattern

With both colic and reflux a baby...
a) has food rising in the throat
b) is about six months
c) cries a lot and can not be comforted
d) has gas collecting

To ease stranger anxiety in a baby, caregivers should
a) leave the baby with new person
b) make the baby stay with new person
c) give the baby time
d) allow new people to hold the baby

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