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Which of the following is Not an early sign of labor?
a) Bloody show
b) lightening
c) water break
d) contractions

Doctors use fetal monitoring during labor to ....
a) watch the baby's heart rate
b) watch the baby's brain activity
c) check for jaundice
d) check the baby's breathing

The first stage of labor includes...
a) crowning
b) delivery of placenta
c) baby's passage through the birth canal
d) contractions

which of the following is a source of stem cells?
a) vernix
b) colostrum
c) cord blood
d) lanugo

What is the purpose of fontanels?
a) to allow the baby's head to pass through the birth canal
b) to all the baby to breast feed more easily
c) to protect the baby from the amniotic fluid
d) to allow the brain to grow

The apgar scale rates a baby's physical condition on ___ different factors
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) 10

A cesarean birth usually...
a) creates more stress for a baby than a normal
b) requires less pain medication than a normal birth
c) allows the mother to recover more quickly than a normal birth
d) makes delivery faster than a normal birth.

An incubator
a) provides nourishment for a premature baby
b) controls oxygen supply and temperature for a premature baby
c) protects a premature baby from infections
d) helps cure jaundice

When a baby has jaundice, it means that the baby's body has
a) too much iron
b) too much bilirubin
c) too little calcium
d) too much glucose

Which of the following is a sign of false labor
a) contractions are regular and rhythmic
b) contractions that become stronger
c) contractions that don't become stronger over time
d) contractions every ten minutes

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