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A missed period ....
a) always means that a woman is pregnant
b) means that a woman is pregnant is she is also feeling nauseous
c) may indicate that a woman is pregnant but must be comfirmed by a test
d) is not significant unless the woman also has swollen breasts

An expectant mother who is lactose intolerant needs to make a special effort to get which nutrient?
a) Iron
b) Calcium
c) Folic Acid
d) Vitamin C

A glucose tolerance test is used to check for signs of....
a) anemia
b) preeclampsia
c) rubella
d) gestational diabetes

The process by which the baby gradually moves out of the uterus and into the vagina to be born.
a) delivery
b) labor
c) contractions
d) crowning

When is the Rh factor a concern?
a) If the mother and baby both have it
b) If the mother has it, but the baby does not.
c) if the baby has it , but the mother does not
d) if neither the baby nor the mother has it

A condition that results from not having enough red blood cells.
a) anemia
b) gestational diabetes
c) preeclampsia
d) rubella

Which of the following symptoms should a pregnant woman report to her doctor immediately?
a) Heartburn
b) shortness of breath
c) vaginal bleeding
d) sleepiness

A condition in the second half of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the mother's urine
a) anemia
b) preeclampsia
c) diabetes
d) low iron

A doctor who specializes in treating children
a) pediatrician
b) family doctor
c) mid wife
d) obstetrician

Expenses that can be reduced if necessary
a) fixed
b) flexible
c) bills

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