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To smile largely; express joy in facial expression
a) shriek
b) replica
c) blurt
d) beam

lacking confidence; shy
a) timidly
b) wiry
c) reluctantly
d) grimace

to say something suddenly and without thinking
a) flabbergasted
b) stern
c) bulge
d) blurt

to prove to be right, just, or valid
a) mutter
b) blurt
c) justify
d) sobbed

to cause to feel wonder, amazement, or surprise at something unexpected
a) flabbergasted
b) abruptly
c) bizarre
d) beam

a part that sticks out
a) blurt
b) stern
c) bulge
d) frantically

to shine
a) impatiently
b) glisten
c) sobbed
d) mutter

to cry unconrtollably
a) beam
b) awkward
c) sobbed
d) timidly

a loud, piercing scream
a) replica
b) timidly
c) shrieked
d) grimace

not easy; uncomfortable
a) wiry
b) abruptly
c) justify
d) awkward

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