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The Smiths have two small, school-age children and need room for them to play outside safely. Which type of housing would BEST match his housing wants and needs?
a) A condominium in a retirement development
b) A manufactured home on a large lot
c) A townhouse with two or three stories
d) An apartment in a large complex

Tara’s grandma, who uses a walker, is moving into a smaller apartment to make home maintenance easier. Which housing want or need should she consider when selecting housing?
a) Cost of utilities
b) Freedom to decorate as she wishes
c) Space to entertain friends
d) Whether there are steps inside and outside

The Smiths are a busy, dual-career family with 3 children. They decide to rent a home for a 2-year in a new town. Which advantage of renting is this?
a) Fewer tax benefits
b) Greater mobility
c) Less authority to make changes
d) No equity building up

The Nortons asked how many parking spaces they were allotted before they signed a lease to rent. Which thing to inspect in rental units is this?
a) Common areas
b) Exterior
c) Inside the unit
d) Utilities and systems

John read carefully when rent was due, the penalty for late payment, and the conditions of renting the apartment before signing. What type of document is this?
a) Lease agreement
b) Lease waiver
c) Rental application
d) Security deposit

The Doe’s enrolled their child in a quality day care, but their house payment is so high, they have only a little extra money to work with. Which disadvantage of buying is this?
a) Complications of joint buying
b) Greater costs and financial responsibilities
c) Greater financial risk
d) Less mobility

The Nasons met with the banker, home-owner, and realtor to pay all costs, sign documents, and obtain ownership. Which step in purchasing a home is this?
a) Find an appropriate home to meet your needs
b) Make an offer
c) Reach an agreement
d) Attend the closing

The Nelsons put $4,000 in a special bank account to be held in trust until time to pay taxes and insurance for their new home. Which cost of buying a home is this?
a) Closing costs
b) Down payment
c) Escrow account
d) Monthly loan payment

Cal Vance, who served twenty years of military duty, obtained a loan to buy a new home with no down payment required. Which type of mortgage or special loan is this?
a) Adjustable rate mortgage
b) Conventional fixed rate mortgage
c) FHA loan
d) VA loan

John has not paid his rent in the last three months. He receives a legal notice on his door to move out. What type of document did he receive?
a) Lease Agreement
b) Sublet
c) Security Deposit
d) Eviction

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